Dr. Dhaval G. Bhanusali MD FAAD, Market: New York, Speciality: Skin Expert
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Become a Leading Doctor or Beauty Provider in Your Market and Attract Better Patients

Capture the attention of the elite in a way that attracts the RIGHT clients and brings you the greatest ROI as a member of Haute Beauty

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Show Off Your Expertise Where It Matters Most

You know you’re one of the best at what you do. 

So make sure prospective patients know it.

The Haute Beauty Network helps you showcase your expertise, services, and brand in a way that speaks to patients -- on social media, across luxury publications online, at VIP events, and inside popular print magazines.

Because as you know, your potential patients are spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing an elite plastic surgeon or beauty professional.
So, it is vital you find a way to stand out and be more credible in the market to show YOU are the best option.

We Help Deliver More Qualified 
Patients to Your Door (and Inbox)

Our goal is simple. We’re leveraging our legendary brand, and our reach, by creating a platform for people in YOUR community looking for the “best of the best” in every industry.

After helping prestigious brands like Rolls Royce, Louis XIII, Fendi Casa and Sotheby’s build a powerful online and offline presence…

We’re tapping into our celebrity-endorsed platform and our media reach to help doctors and beauty pros do the same.

Limited Time Opportunity!
Only 2 Members Selected Per Region

Our readers live affluent lifestyles and only want to work with “A-List” doctors and beauty professionals in the community…

So we’re making it easy for YOU
to get in front of them.

An Exclusive Opportunity to Be a “Preferred” Provider for Hundreds, Even Thousands of Patients

Consider how much easier it would be to book patients that already know you’re the BEST choice among all your competitors…

To connect with patients that already have the financial means to cover costs of procedures so you don’t have to negotiate fees or offer financing…

And patients that are eager and ready to book their procedure within the next few weeks.

We attract these types of patients through our Haute Beauty Network.

And now we’ve built an infrastructure that can deliver these patients right to your inbox.

But because of our vast network of connections and ability to generate high-value patients, we couldn’t simply give the leads away to the next available doctor or provider….

In fact, we’ll send them right to your inbox.

But because of our vast network of connections and ability to “recruit” high-value patients, we couldn’t simply give the leads away to the next available doctor or provider….

That’s why we’re only selecting TWO doctors or beauty pros per specialty, per region, for this opportunity.

This gives you “exclusive rights” to be featured across all our networks, publications, and social media channels…

Which means you get the first pick of patients
 that show interest in services and procedures you offer.

We Only Select TWO Experts Per Category

Limited Time Opportunity!
Only 2 Members Selected Per Region

If You Are Selected to Join the Haute Beauty Network…

Here’s What’s Included
in Your Elite Haute Beauty Membership

Virtual Events Help You Stay Connected

Post-COVID climate makes it difficult to host events and connect with prospective patients, so we bring the patients to YOU with virtual events and summits. We do the legwork to set up LIVE virtual events that generate interest in your practice and help bring in leads.

Exclusive Invitations to VIP Events

Join us at prestigious social events and gatherings sponsored by Haute Living and Haute Beauty. We host numerous private events throughout the year where you can meet celebrities, top CEOs, professional athletes, and high-profile guests for an evening of networking and socializing.

Digital Exposure to Multiply Your Reach

We’ll showcase you as a leading expert in your category to over 500,000 loyal subscribers. You’ll also be spotlighted on the Haute Beauty home page so visitors can learn about your expertise and specialty.

Advanced SEO and Lead Generation

Our team uses advanced search engine optimization (SEO) techniques and lead generation practices to drive more qualified patients to your profiles on our site and across social media accounts. This means better visibility for you and your brand.

Premium Placement Across Social Networks

Be featured on verified social media pages that have over 250,000 followers, including some of the most elite celebrities and influencers. We’ll publish IG Stories about you on @hauteliving along with regular posts to our following. These placements give you additional exposure and brand visibility.

Another way to be featured as a leading beauty professional is with a formal news announcement. We craft a powerful press release and send it to PR Web where it’s picked up by up to 45,000+ news outlets and publications.

Press Releases and Media Relations

Editorial Content & Newsletter Promotions

You’ll have a dedicated Account Manager who will coordinate getting content from you for editorial content and featured articles across our online and print publications every month. You’ll also be included in our Weekly Newsletter and “Top 5 Beauty Buzz” articles written by our doctors.

What Our Members Are Saying

"It's been a pleasure working with Haute Beauty and the Haute Living Team in General. I've gotten to know them well over the years and there is no question they are the absolute best. I'm proud to be a part of the Haute Living family and look forward to the amazing things they will continue to do."

"Thank you to an amazing partnership with Haute Living Network providing opportunities to engage and educate our patients. Special thanks to the fantastic work by April Donelson and her team for coordinating and connecting elite specialists around the country and region through the webinar series. Cheers"

Dr. Jay Young, MD, is a board-certified surgeon specializing in the nose and sinuses

"The Haute Beauty Summit was a complete success!
I had the honor of being on a local and national panel of experts in the aesthetic industry. It was apparent the audience was a curated group of educated professionals who have a strong interest in the beauty industry & that definitely made the event a success. The organization and venue were impeccable. I look forward to being on next year's panel

Dr. Daniel Careaga, Market: Miami/Fort Lauderdale, Specialty: Breast and Body Expert

Haute Beauty Membership Summary

 “A-List Provider” Status in Your Community
 Exclusive Market Coverage
 Virtual Events
 Exclusive Invitations to VIP Events
 Digital Exposure
 Targeted Lead Generation
 Social Media Marketing
 Press Releases & Media Relations
 Editorial Content & Newsletter Promotions
 ...and More!

About The Haute Beauty Network

The Haute Beauty Network is an exclusive, invitation-only network of select doctors and beauty experts from top markets in the United States. We provide leading plastic surgeons, dermatologists, cosmetic dentists, and wellness and beauty experts in the industry with unmatched digital and print exposure to attract the right types of patients.

We select only 2 doctors or experts per beauty category in each regional market to be featured across our channels so they can build their authority and expertise, and earn “A-List” status in the communities they serve.

Our dynamic marketing platform allows doctors and experts to promote their services in new ways, engage audiences with live and virtual events, and helps them become part of an elite community of successful members.

  • Breast Augmentation

  • Body Procedures

  • Face Procedures

  • Nose Procedures/Rhinoplasty

  • Butt Lift/Butt Augmentation

  • Smile Expert

  • Skin Expert
  • Hair Restoration

  • MedSpa

  • Eye Expert

  • Vision Expert

  • Wellness Expert

  • Allergist Expert



 Live a high-class lifestyle

 Are willing to spend money on procedures

 Are in the market for exactly what you offer 

 See you as an expert and leader in the field


Limited Time Opportunity!
Only 2 Members Selected Per Region


Limited Time Opportunity! 
Only 2 Members Selected Per Region


Limited Time Opportunity!
Only 2 Members Selected Per Region


And even post-COVID, we’re taking the lead on coordinating virtual events and summits so you can still reach more patients.

Our doctors have joined our LIVE Zoom webinars to connect with more patients and establish themselves as an authority.

This gives YOU the chance to stand out as an A-list plastic surgeondoctor, or beauty professional in the community.

Now there’s a better way to get in front of patients that:

We’ve created a complete digital solution to deliver qualified patients right to your inbox.